Memorial Trees,
Skeeter's Patio and Kelly Howie BBQ

Surrounding the clubhouse you will notice many shade trees. Each of these trees has been planted in memory of a "gone but not forgotten" loved one. If you wander through them, you will notice that each one has a marker at the base which explains who the tree is in memory of.
They seem to be thriving, perhaps due to the livelihood of the clubhouse, and the action on the field! They seem to be taking root deep under the soil. . . a reflection of the memories rooted deep in our hearts.
Extra attention is given to these trees. As we water and feed them, we show our appreciation for family, friendship, and a common love for the horse. If you are interested in planting a memorial tree, we are happy to make this happen for you.

  1. Henrietta Horton, HF Bar, 1991
2. Dean Thomas, HF Bar, 1991
3. Boots Blatt, Stu Perkins, 2002
4. Linda Gaskoll, 1989
5. Frank Greenough, 1991
6. Archie MacCarty, 1992
7. Billy T. Wayman, 2001
8. Henry Burgess, 1995
9. Bud Tyler, 1990
10. Ken Schiffer, 1990
11. Mike Long, 1990
12. Dennis Duncan, 2008
13. Burton Brewster, 1991
14. Jan Drake, 1996
15. Clint Hoagland, 2008
16. Don King, 2007
17. Shirley Taylor, 2007
18. David Masters, 1990
19. John King, 2003
20. Robert King, 2003
21. Bill Alderson, 1990
22. Skeeter Johnston Patio
"As we share the pleasures of good friends and the sport he loved, in these beautiful surroundings." So says the inscription on the plaque unveiled at the dedication of Skeeter's Patio, built in his memory after his untimely death in 2007.
23. Kelly Howie BBQ
With donations from many local friends, the stone bar-b-que was built in memory of Kelly Howie, a man who lived well, gave much, and embodied the western spirit of the rancher, gentleman, and neighbor.


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